Where Music Is Made!

Hello World! Welcome to my very first blog post.  I’ve had this idea stirring in me for some time about just “where” inside of us is music made.  I’ll tackle this idea right out of the gate and see where it leads.  I’d love to hear your thoughts as well.

My oldest son, who is in the 6th grade, has recently begun playing drums on our church worship team. He played today, in fact. My plan for him this week was to play on only one song – so we worked on that one song pretty hard over the past two days. He did a great job today and enthusiastically asked if he could play again next week. It was delightful to see his eyes all lit up and to hear his enthusiasm. It reminded me of my early days of discovering my love of music. I remember going absolutely bonkers over the first Beatles record I ever heard. One of my brothers introduced me to FM radio. I can still see myself standing next to his desk, leaning close to the radio, listening to the band Kansas play Can I Tell You. The rock instruments with violin; the meter changes, and powerful vocals thrilling me to my core. They’re one of my all time favorite bands!

When I was in the 7th grade, the school band director, Gary Graves, chose a handful of band students to travel to Charles City, IA and hear Stan Kenton’s Big Band.  He probably thought seeing this concert might inspire me as a young tuba player. (Duh!)  I had no idea what a big band was.  I think I had decided it was old people music or something.  Once the concert started it didn’t take long for my jaw to drop to the floor.  The sheer power of the trumpet section alone blew me away.  And there was this amazing TUBA SOLO!  I was hooked!  From that moment on, I became a big band fan and have enjoyed a life-long love and appreciation for jazz.  Thank you, Gary Graves!

Oh, and it’s not just hearing the music, is it? – It is so much more!  It does something to us…deep inside of us.  Learning to play an instrument and sing – to actually get involved in the process of making music takes the experience to a whole new level.

Ephesians 5:19b encourages us to sing and “make music in our hearts.” This got me to thinking about the place in us where music is made – the heart. The Greek word here is kardia and denotes the center of all physical and spiritual life (blueletterbible.com). Matthew 6:21 tells us that our treasure is where our “heart” is. The word “kardia is used here as well.  Do you treasure music?  My heart is definitely there!

God sent the very Spirit of His Son into our hearts that we might receive the full rights of our inheritance in Christ. Galatians 4:6  Again the word kardia, the very center of our being is filled with the Spirit of Jesus when we believe by faith that he saves us from our sins. It is in our kardia, our hearts that His gift of faith brings us to confess Him as Lord. Romans 10:9-10

The musical adventures of my life are many and varied. School bands and choirs, concerts, and gigs. They’ve all been filled with wonderful treasured moments – deep in my heart’s memory. But none as deep as when I am surrounded by my church family, as I was today, singing passionately and boldly to our loving God.  My years as a church worship leader have helped me experience a whole new depth to the music making experience.  I’m learning that God created the making of music as a means to express our deepest spiritual identity – our hearts – to be the same place where we come to faith in Him – and the same place where His Spirit is poured out.  May you experience Him as you make music in your hearts today!